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Close the Business-Data Translation Gap

Spectio is software that fixes painful BI workflows by improving collaboration, alignment, and outcomes between business and data stakeholders — with AI

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Spectio Requirements

Co-Define Data Products

Spectio enables business and data stakeholders to easily and automatically co-define datasets, dashboards, and reports with the following features

Requirements Gathering

Conversational AI interface collects business requirements

Requirements Gathering

Dashboard Wireframing

Quickly sketch and define datasets, dashboards, and reports

Dashboard Wireframes

Metadata Definitions

Manage and map the metadata that comes from wireframes

Metadata Definitions
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Drive Better BI Outcomes

Before implementing and driving up cloud computing costs, first define what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, how it will get done

Time Savings and Cost Savings

Save Time & Cost — and Upskill

By aligning on expectations and definitions

Organization of Datasets and Dashboards

Eliminate Proliferation & Redundancy

Of dashboards, datasets, and definitions of metrics

Data Roadmap

Inform Data Roadmaps that Matter

And enable businesses to make decisions with confidence

Data Literacy

Drive Data Literacy in a Practical Way

With easy and transparent collaboration

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