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Close the Business-Data Translation Gap

Spectio fixes painful BI workflows by improving collaboration, alignment, and outcomes between business and data stakeholders — with AI, of course

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Stop Suffering From Common Business Intelligence Pain Points

Lack of Documentation

"One of the biggest challenges is in requirements gathering and documenting what is expected from the data requester. It's critically important, yet overlooked and often done poorly, leading to a lot of downstream problems."

AVP of Data Science & Analytics
Largest Membership-Only Warehouse Retailer

Lack of Documentation
Complex Processes

"When executives want a dataset or a dashboard, they have to go through a long and complicated process to receive the output... only to realize it's not what they expected."

Director of Analytics
Leading Financial Services Company

Complicated Process
Disparate & Generic Tools

"Most organizations I know tend to string together a variety of generic tools to manage their BI workflow — and it's painful to maintain. Lack of proper tooling is a significant barrier to productivity."

Director of Analytics
Leading Media Broadcasting Company

Disparate Tools
Ineffective Governance

"In many companies, it's common to have thousands of dashboards and datasets that are mostly redundant due to lack of reusability. It is difficult manage and support them."

Director of Analytics
Largest Coffee Company in the World

Lack of Governance

Co-Define Data Products

Spectio enables business and data stakeholders to easily and automatically co-define datasets, dashboards, and reports that yield better outcomes

Requirements Gathering

Conversational AI interface collects business requirements

Requirements Gathering

Dashboard Wireframing

Quickly sketch and define datasets, dashboards, and reports

Dashboard Wireframes

Metadata Definitions

Manage and map the metadata that comes from wireframes

Metadata Definitions

Mock Data Generation

Don't let the lack of data prevent definition of what needs to be done

Mock Data

Persona Development

Get better at anticipating business requester needs over time


Development Tasks

Automatically generate tasks needed to create data products

Development Tasks

Drive Better BI Outcomes

Before implementating and driving up cloud computing costs, first define what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, how it will get done

Time & Cost Savings

Save Time & Cost — and Upskill

By aligning on expectations and definitions

Organization of Data Products

Eliminate Proliferation & Redundancy

Of dashboards, datasets, and definitions of metrics

Data Roadmap

Inform Data Roadmaps that Matter

And enables businesses to make decisions with confidence

Data Literacy

Drive Data Literacy in a Practical Way

By collaboration easy and transparent between everyone

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Analysis & Insights
Too Many Measures and Too Many Reports

Prevent downstream proliferation of redundant (and un-useful) reports by creating parsimonious datasets and prototyping your work.

Common Challenges Faced by Data Engineers

Data engineers don't just write code. They need to understand business needs and require effective collaboration to deliver useful data products.

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